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Right Choices welcome`s and value`s your constructive comments, which will enable us to consider input to our organisation. On consideration we will give you feedback and will endeavour wherever possible to act upon your suggestions.

Paul P and my wifey: Hope all is well cheryl. Such a nice woman you are. I only wish you the very best in everything. You have run the project for 6 years and you have always worked extremley hard for others regardless if person has a disability or not. I know you are a great person and adore both your boys. I can only wish all the love in the world from me and my wife and children.

M Sinclair: Hi Cheryl thank you for helping me in my situation I was bullied by neighbours just because of my disability. I had a young child who is now much grown up. I wanted to move   because of this and nobody would listen. I came to your outreach over 4 years ago and please believe me when i say this you sorted it the best way you could. You help me to find faith in myself and to tell on those people who had done this. You did help me to move to another property and I have very good life now. Like the rest of the comments love ya. It is a blessing to know you and please to continue this good work forever. I will let you into a secret I am your biggest fan and I will always support something that is good and that is you.

Geoffery Fisher: Hi Cheryl thank you so much for your help around the benefit issue. Not sorted as yet but the guidance and support was very good and I am very grateful for that. Also take very good care of yourself and your sons. Best wishes and god bless.

Mary and Ian: Just wanted you to know how grateful we both are Thanks.

Mr and Mrs Sighn: Thank you to Right Choices and Sister Cheryl for helping me, sorting out my bills and my general well being. Like all the comments Cheryl I wish you only goodness and happiness to such an understanding person who gives people the opportunity to be who they want to be without judgement it is a rare quality to have in this world. Lucky to me I have know you for over 20 years and you have never changed in my eyes, you will always be Cheryl.

Craig and Shannon: Do you remember me? I was outside Morrisions 4 years ago begging and homeless and I asked for a little change, you look directley at me and said 'I don't know what will it take for you to come off the street's. I must admit I was not expecting that, just a little change not discussion. All I can say is within the next 2 months I was free from my terrible life and living like a normal human being. You made sure you visited me everyday until I was finally on my feet. I am proud to say if it was not for you I may have not been here today thank you. I wish you all the happiness to a very good soul and person who shines their beautiful light in very dark places. Looked at the project Wow! Keep this good work up. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Elisabet Hoof: Cheryl you are a kind hearted and open individual who welcomes newcomers warmly to the group. I have worked alongside you for over 1 year which has been both rewarding and enjoyable. You are a strong minded person and have a clear idea of where you want the project to go for the future. You work extremley well with both members and volunteers and always aims to provide a comfortable enviroment for those involved.

Stephen & Rachael: Hi Cheryl wanting to say thank you for taking up my case up about the accessibilty issue in Leeds. I now can get my wheelchair through and enjoy my walks with the Mrs. If it was not for you then would of this been done 'I think not' take care of yourself and those beautiful boys, keep this very good work up Right Choices you are always in our thoughts. Love ya girl!

David: Hi Cheryl just to say thank you for being a wonderful person not just to me when you come to empty my bins and go shopping every week for me and the mrs. You are an angel in disguise will always be grateful to you without a service like right choices what would we do. You are kind and a very good person you must never forget that. I wish you all the happiness and best wishes.

Tracey: To a very special friend and sister Cheryl and the management committee love you all . Well done in acheiving say what! European Funding big up always one love one heart always.

Todd Kebede: Hi mum well done to you mum and all the people at right choices project for helping to get this service 'Right Choices job club'. I am a teenager and I am so proud to say you're my mum, thank you.

Mr Usman: Thank you to right choices project and cheryl for sorting my housing issue. I am a disabled person with famliy living in conditions they were not so good and cheryl found a way to help and support me enough love and respect to you sis love the usman famliy.

Lisa Ashworth: Cheryl and all members of the right choices project. Thank you very much for allowing myself and mark to work with you over the past few weeks. I have had a fantastic time! You are all absolutely brilliant. Thanks again, best wishes Lisa.

Glenn Mitchell: Cheryl, Paul, Patrica and everyone I've met through right-choices thank you for being so friendly and welcoming to me. Hope the project continues to go from strength to strength and hope you all have a good time. Hope to come back and visit you all sometime in the near future thank you.

Lucy: Cheryl thank you for right choices project and the endless hours of supporting other people keep your chin up and be happy you deserve all the praise well done to you. Best wishes and all the best

Mr and Mrs Khan: Thank you Cheryl for your kindness and support especially around my son Ali OCD. By having this group really is a life line to my difficult circumstance you have always shown courage and determination to keep this community project we are so grateful to you Mr and Mrs Khan

Sam: cheryl i wish you and the right choices project all the sucess for 2009. Well done, cheryl for all the hard work you have done. Supporting and helping people in their day to day lives.

Lynne: thank you to right choices project for the information and sign-posting service that you have on a tuesday evening.   It is a friendly place to be and you get a free cup of tea and chat. keep this good work up.

Hannah: Dear Cheryl I just want to thank you personally for all your encouragement and support over the last few months.   I think you are a truly inspirational woman and I wish you and the right choices project continued success. best wishes Hannah.

Bab's: To cheryl and team many thanks for the invition to the masquerade ball.  We had a sparkling time it was very good to see everyone again congratulations on the success of the Right Choices Project greatest wishes.

James Stanton: I enjoyed the masquerade Ball and will like to say thank you to Right Choices and Cheryl Kebede for this brilliant event.

Paul Jowett: It was really good do and the band was excellent the hall looked fantastic well done to everyone.

D Turner: Thank you to right choices project for helping me to find new friends. Cheryl kebede is an expectional and giving person to all well done! keep the good work up.

Friend of Rodger: Thank you to Right Choices for helping me feel less isolated in the evenings I come occassionally to your community groups and it get's me out of the house.

Victoria: Thanks to right choices for all the endless hours of working for me to try and sort out my housing problem a special thanks to Cheryl Kebede who is a great pioneer for others.

Kath: Thank you to right choices for helping me in far headingley.

Gill: I really like the way the information centre as an open feel to it and the sort of individual time you have thank you.

Angela: Excellent website I really like the events and news part it keeps you well informed of Right Choices.

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