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Right Choices is a Voluntary Community group with a status of a Social Enterprise. Therefore, self referrals will be accepted along side organisational referrals.

Right Choices Project is a members of:

The Leeds Voluntary Sector Learning Disability Forum in Leeds.

Voluntary Action Leeds.

West Yorkshire Playhouse Community Network.

The membership fee of Right Choices will depend on each individuals circumstances for all of our services. This will be required before the member(s) can participate fully in activities. The membership fee buys one year's membership subscription to Right Choices, a membership card and a gift, which may be a pen or key ring. The membership fee pays for insurance, supplies, events, room rental and some volunteer expenses within the project.

PLEASE NOTE that some activities, such as trips or meals out, incur an extra cost. Usually we would ask members to cover their own expenses in these cases. Our volunteers frequently go to extreme lengths to assist our members in a wide range of circumstances; they receive no financial reward for these services. On the odd occasion that a volunteer has paid for activities in order support or aid a member, we ask the member to cover at least some of the cost.

When you become a member of Right Choices Project you will be given a group contract and a constitution of the project.

Membership Fees;

If you have difficulty in paying for the membership fees then you can put a request forward to the management committee team to ask for a reduction of the fee. As always this is at the discretion of the management committee.

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